Thursday, September 10, 2015



attached: emotionally connected: having strong feelings of affection.

attachment: strong feelings of affection or loyalty for someone or something.

affection: an unnatural form of behavior that is meant to impress others.

non: absence of

Non-Attachment: [my definition] the absence of strong feelings: the absence of an unnatural form of behavior that is meant to impress others.

The past few days this subject of non-attachment has been weaving its way through my consciousness.  I am inspired to embrace it, to live it, but before a can accept it I must have a full understanding of what it means to me. For if I do not understand a thing how am I to commit to live it. Therefore, the definitions extracted from Webster’s Dictionary  preceding this dialogue.

For me, non-attachment means living free of strong feelings and emotions that go against my true nature for whatever reason. Living free of anxiety, free of loss, free of lack, free of fear. Non-attachment means living free of attachments to people, objects, outcomes and expectations.

As I move into this state of being I find it requires that I be more and more attentive and observant of my thoughts, words, actions and reactions. Being aware of that which goes against my true nature is required if I am to live a life of non-attachment.  

In order to live a way, be a way, you must be observant to know when you are living the way and when you are not. This does not mean to judge oneself when not living the way. Observance has no need for judgement. It  simply brings awareness into the consciousness and once there lets it go. What you do with it once it is in your consciousness is your choice.

Now that I have chosen non-attachment as a way of being I am aware of the many ways attachment was imprisoning me. I have become aware of attachment to physical things, to outcomes, to expectations, to people, to ideals and beliefs that had been accepted into my belief system that I do not even agree with.

Although I have just begun this journey of living non-attached it has already created a space of freedom within me. There is a new peace in parts of me where conflict used to reside. From this new peace it seems much easier to live and dance with life in a harmonious flow that feels more and more true to who I am.

May you find your harmonious flow. 
May you be peace and may you live love.

~*~ Regina Ann

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