Monday, September 7, 2015


Conversations With My Self

The Conversations With my Self series began when I was inspired to share some of the conversations that go on between myself and my [higher] Self. Sometimes these conversations are to help me work out my stuff, other times they help me understand another persons stuff.

Me: I am so angry!

Self: Why?

Me: This other person did this and said this and it was wrong and it makes me so angry that hey did and said those things.

Self: Why?

Me: Because they are wrong and it is wrong of them to say and do what they said and did. It’s just wrong!

Self: So why are you so angry?

Me: because it’s wrong but they don’t see it as wrong and there is no way that I can make them see that it’s wrong because they won’t listen.

Self: So, you’re angry because you cannot control how they think and how they perceive things.

Me: No, I don’t want to control them, I just want them to see that it was wrong.

Self: You want them to see things the way you see them.

Me: Yes

Self: Why?

Me: Because they are wrong

Self: But from their viewpoint you are wrong. Do you want them to be allowed to force you to see things the way they see them?

Me: No, but that’s what they are trying to do is convince me and everyone else that I am wrong and they are right, which they aren’t. They are wrong.

Self: If you don’t want them to be able to force you to accept their viewpoint then why do you believe it is acceptable for you to force them to see things your way?

Me: Because I’m right and they’re wrong

Self: There will always be moments in which you are right and they are wrong just as there will always be moments in which you are wrong and they are right. You should never have control over how another thinks and perceives, how they act and react. You should however have control over how you think, perceive, act and react. 

You are here to be you. You are not here to be anyone else. Therefore, you should only have control over you.

When you observe and determine that another is wrong to say a thing or do a thing the only control you should exercise is your response to it. You can choose anger and block out any blessings you may receive from the lessons embedded in the experience. You can choose anger and deny yourself the peace your soul longs for you to know. You can choose anger and feel disconnected from others, from your true self, from your source or…You can choose to observe and determine that their perception is not in alignment with yours and since you do not agree with their words and/or actions you choose not to receive them into you being. Because their belief is not your truth you can choose not to accept as your belief….And you can make all of these choices from a place of peace when you love yourself and respect yourself.

When you love and respect yourself there is no reason to be angry when others try to impress their beliefs on you because you are at peace with you and no longer require their acceptance or love.

You see dear child, it was never about anger at them for not seeing things your way, it was fear that you are not loved, accepted and respected enough to be valued for having your own beliefs and for seeing things your way. In other words, for being you. When you love, accept and respect yourself there is no fear of whether others will or not. There is only peace. And in that place of peace there is no need for anger regardless of their words or actions.

Me: All this time I thought I was angry at them when I was really angry at me. I was angry because I didn’t love, accept and respect myself enough to not allow their stuff to determine how I felt about me.

Self: So, love yourself, forgive yourself, and let it go. Stop living in the past. You cannot fully receive the blessings of the present while living in the past. Forgive yourself for letting them control you through your anger. Forgive yourself for giving your power away through your being angry. Forgive yourself completely. Accept that you are a miracle of the divine and live, now.

~*~ Regina Ann

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