Wednesday, July 22, 2015


There are mornings, like this morning, where I am very aware of intense energies planet wide. The energy actually started building yesterday and this morning appears to be affecting animals of all kinds including human. Text messages began at 1:02 AM my time. 

There are three steps I recommend to managing intense energies. These are actually a good daily practice regardless and very effective for those who are highly sensitive. 

1) Breathe! Take a deep breath all the way in to your lower belly. Let it float around there as long as you can. Exhale slowly visualizing that anything not for your best and highest good joins in the flow of the exhalation. Pause. Observe how your body and mind feel now. Repeat as necessary breathing into any areas of tightness, stress, or anxiety allowing the exhalation to carry it away. 

2) Release! Let go of what is not yours to carry. HINT: Nothing is yours to carry, Nothing. Be aware of any burdens, anxiety, tension, fears, etc. that you are carrying in your body or mind. Typically you will find these in places that are sore or achy or flat out painful. You need not know what they relate to so long as you are ready to release them.

3) Protect! Everything is energy and energy flows around and through you continuously. Some of this energy is beneficial, some is not. Protection empowers you to say no to energies that are not beneficial and those that are in fact harmful. Perhaps the simplest protection is to invite Pure Love to dwell in, through, and around your body. Love is the highest vibrational frequency in the Universe and, because of the Law of Nature, any energy in opposition to love will immediately be repelled and leave the space it inhabits. Think of it as switching on a light in a dark room.

Wishing each one a blissful day ~*~

Regina Ann