Monday, June 15, 2015

The Secret Superpower of Slowing Down

The Secret Superpower of Slowing Down

Recently I decided it was time to start washing dishes by hand again. Let me explain. As a mother of three there were many years where alone/quiet time was a challenge and escape from stress nearly impossible. One day I discovered washing dishes by hand was the answer. No one wanted to help so everyone completely avoided the kitchen when I announced, “I’m going to go wash dishes.” 

It was my quiet time, my time to let everything go, my time to breathe, my sanctuary. Recently we had more dishes then dishwasher space and the stress of running two businesses, the last son graduating high school, and life in general was wearing on me. I recalled how peaceful dishwashing time was in years past and decided it was time to resurrect it.

Now, I know that sounds crazy to many of you. How can I have time to wash dishes by hand with so much going on. The truth is, there is a Secret Superpower when you Slow Down and when life is busiest is when you need it the most. The Secret Superpower is Peace! When you slow down and let things go it has the same effect as meditation. Your mind becomes clearer (less cluttered), you blood pressure goes down, you breath and relax allowing more oxygen into the blood stream (making everything work better) resulting in Peace.

When you do return to “life” you have a peace and calmness to handle each moment life offers. Something which tends to go MIA when you are stressed. As I always teach, meditation takes many forms. Whatever you do that allows you to let go, breathe and restore a peaceful mind is a great meditation. While I practice and guide traditional meditations, I am also a firm believer in The Secret Superpower of Slowing Down.

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Regina Ann

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