Thursday, June 25, 2015

Let Go - It Isn't Yours To Carry

Let It Go - It Isn't Yours To Carry

Conversations with My Self

Each morning I have this routine as I awake.  I check in with my body, my mind and my soul and ask if there is any disconnect, disharmony or imbalance and offer Reiki and love to those places.  Next I ask for guidance and wisdom to restore well being to any parts of my self needing it. Often the response is an restorative affirmation or affirming thought.

This morning the affirmation that came to me was "Let go of what is no longer yours to carry" and in, what is for me, typical fashion the next thought was "and since nothing, absolutely nothing, is yours to carry that means let it all isn't yours to carry, never was." WOW! Talk about straight to the heart of it.

As I let these thoughts sink in and realized the truth of them an epiphany hit me. Being created in love/light, by love/light, for love/light, the only things I should be carrying with me are those which resonate with love/light. Anything else is in conflict with my true nature. Double WOW!

Having this research loving mind of mine I was utterly fascinated by what I observed happening throughout my physical body and mental body as these thoughts settled through me. Both my physical and mental bodies felt as though they were shedding pounds and pounds. I began breathing easier and deeper. Muscle knots that I hadn't noticed were loosening and going away. I observed that not only was my physical and mental bodies being affected but suddenly my emotional body felt empowered with infinite possibilities as though I could do anything...kinda super hero like :)

We are amazing creatures but were were not designed to carry around stuff that is not in harmony with our true nature. So, let it go. See what happens for you when you do...and let me know.

Sending you love and light

~*~ Namaste
Regina Ann

P.S. Here's a song that popped into my consciousness while I was writing this. This song found me years ago when I really needed it. I hope it inspires you too.

Suitcases - Dara Maclean

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