Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What If....

What If.....

What If you began each morning not just being grateful for the gift of another day. What if you began each morning visualizing laying down at the end of this day and feeling overwhelming gratitude for the magic, the beauty, the love of this wonder filled day.

How do you think it would shape the experiences of your day to begin your day feeling overwhelming gratitude for all the wonderous gifts of the day. How do you think it would change the magic you experience in your day to go beyond simply being glad that you woke up to feeling gratitude for all of the love and beauty expressed for you in this day. 

What If...instead of beginning your morning with any number of other thoughts you began instead with experiencing deep feelings of gratitude for the gifts that will be offered to you in this day. 

Join me in this challenge to discover how changing the way you begin your day changes how you experience your day. Post your comments below and share what changes you notice. 

Have a Magical Day ❤️

~*~ Namaste