Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Conversations With My Self ~ "Emotions"

Conversations With My Self

by Regina Ann

Welcome to my new series, Conversations With My Self. For as long as I can remember I have been aware of the conversations that go on within my heart and mind. At times it is though they are discussing things amongst themselves. Other times it is as though a wiser me is teaching me through words and illustrations to help me understand and see things in new ways. 

The Conversations With My Self series is some of these conversations.  May the benefit the best and highest good of all who come across them. ~*~ Namaste


Emotions are so hard and messy.

No, they are not. Your attachment to them can be, but the emotions are simply expression, much like the wind and the tree.

The wind and tree? I don’t understand.

When you see the wind move the branches of a tress you have no attachment. You simply observe an action and a response and continue on. You do not attach to the action declaring it unkind, inconsiderate or unjust. You do not attach to the response of the tree and judge, question or replay alternate responses the tree could have made. You simply observe, no attachment, and move on to the next moment leaving it in that moment, allowing space to be present in each new moment without the clutter of past moments crowding the scenery.

Emotions, as all things, are what you make them. You either make them all powerful and surrender your self to them, or you detach, observe, release judgement and in so doing, you see them for what they truly are…expressions.

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