Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Healthy Skin ~ Part II

by Regina Ann

Healthy Skin Part 1  looked at probiotics, prebiotics and what you put on your skin. This time we will explore the healthy skin benefits of breathing and hydration.

Breathing is perhaps one of the things we most take for granted. It happens without us thinking about it, so we typically don’t (think about it).  Conscious Breathing, being aware of our breath and how we are breathing, is one of the most powerful things we can do for our health and well being. There is plenty of research to prove that point! However, you know I love illustrations.

If you blow a little air into a balloon then turn it loose how far does it travel? Take the same balloon and blow air into it until it is full then turn it loose. Big difference in the results. Oxygen supplies the needs of every aspect of our body from blood to organs and very importantly our brain. Our level of health and well being is dramatically affected by the level of oxygen with which we supply our body.

Training ourselves to breathe with our health in mind is a matter of training and habit.  Train yourself to breath fully. Most people breathe into the upper chest at most. Train yourself to breathe into your lower abdomen.  The lower abdomen is considered a major energy point. Drawing oxygen into this point brings fuel to the “fire” so to speak.  

Practice your training by placing your hands gently upon the lower abdomen, relax and draw your breath in and allow it to flow into your lower abdomen observing your hands as your abdomen pushes them outward. This may be challenging at first. Allow yourself time and practice. An athlete requires time spent in practice to become stronger. It requires 28-30 consecutive days of practice to become a habit. Give yourself time to create this new habit.

Just as breathing fully is important, so too is exhaling fully.  Fully exhaling is the quickest way to release acid from the body system. Balanced pH is an important part of health and well-being. Since the typical diet is highly acidic, releasing acid through full exhalation is an easy way to help the body restore balance. As you practice and train yourself to fully inhale, be aware and conscious to fully exhale as well.

The result of breathing fully is a highly oxygenated body system able to function at optimal levels. This results in healthy cells capable of producing healthy skin.

Hydration is as vital to humans as it is to plants and animals. The human body is made up of 60 – 75% water. Our organs require it, our electrical systems require it. Low hydration results in organs and our electrical systems not working to full capacity and in some cases can cause long term damage. It also results in our cells not being nourished, which in turn decreases the health of our skin.

Plants are an excellent illustration of how water affects our skin. Consider the results of a plant offered adequate water to supply its needs. It looks healthy and grows ideally.  However, a plant that is not given enough water begins to wilt, turn brown, and eventually will die.  So it is with our bodies and skin.

How much is enough? According to my colon expert the answer is to take your weight, divide it in half, and drink that number of eight ounce glasses of water per day.  Caffeine dehydrates so for every ounce of caffeine you consume replace what your body needs with three (3) servings of  equal measure. Each of us is a unique individual however, so listen to your body to know if it needs more. If you are under the care of a physician, ask. Your physician should know your systems needs well enough to give you a good answer. If your work or workout makes you sweat, you need to increase the amount of water you take in to replace it. 

Understand that too much of a good thing can cause as much harm as too little. Over hydrating can cause serious side effects. Balance is the key in hydration as in life itself. 

Which water? It used to be you got your water from your tap, a well, or a natural water source. Take a trip to the market or corner store now and you have a section for water. Pure water, artisan water, spring water, distilled water and on and on. What follows are my observations from my own personal research. 

Tap water now contains too many chemicals for me to safely consume it, so I don’t. I choose not to use water from plastic bottles because of concerns over the plastic used and the sourcing of the raw materials. We have a couple of different in-home filtration systems. One filters the tap water to remove most chemicals and such. The other collects water from the atmosphere and sends it through a seven stage cleanup process providing pure, highly alkaline water.  Consider your needs and desires for your water and invest as you choose in a beneficial water source for your body.

Adequate hydration results in a healthy system and healthy skin.

There are an abundance of products proclaiming themselves to be the best thing for healthy skin. Typically however, they are skin applications and are only capable of just so much benefit. Oxygenation and hydration of the body system is a whole body approach to having healthy skin for a lifetime.

Here’s to your Healthy Skin

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