Monday, February 2, 2015


Detox Me

by Regina Ann

If a beautiful flower is planted in the garden but weeds have been allowed to grow, there is not enough room for the flower to bloom as intended.  Through the act of living our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies accumulate toxins. Over time toxins build up and can affect the quality of life we experience. Detoxing allows the release of built up toxins freeing our bodies to once again operate at optimal levels. What follows is some time proven, gentle detox techniques for body, mind and spirit.

Keep in mind that what affects one body can affect all bodies.  If you are carrying a mental or emotional burden (toxin) it can result in physical symptoms. If you are in conflict spiritually, it can express itself mentally, emotionally and/or physically. Many of the techniques offered here can detox all bodies at the same time. 

Physical Detox:

The first technique I offer for physical detox is a 30 day modified elimination diet which will help your body detox and can reveal foods that are causing allergic responses in your body. Often we are consuming foods which are causing allergic responses and we are not even aware of it. If the allergy or sensitivity is mild we may not even realize there is a problem. Allergy symptoms can be so broad as to be easily mistaken for other issues. 

For me personally, when I went through this process I learned I had some allergies I never realized. When I eliminated those foods I lost weight (rapidly), my energy increased dramatically, and several aches and pains and areas of discomfort simply went away. In my experience with others who have used this technique, this is the norm.

Additional techniques which are highly effective for physical detoxing include:

Trauma Release Therapy
and Qi Gong

Hydration is the number one most important part of any detox! If you are not flushing your system with pure water adequately your body is unable to properly release the toxins you are trying to get rid of.  There are many opinions as to the amount of water you should drink. My rule of thumb has always been 6-8 8 ounce glasses per day. Drinking too much water is as dangerous as not drinking enough. Balance in all things is the key to success.

Mental / Emotional Detox:

Emotional trauma remains in the emotional/mental body long after the original event. Unless we take time to detox the emotions and their sources we continue to carry them with us. Situations, experiences and events that may seem unrelated can trigger the emotions connected to these original events adding to the toxic pool. 

Mental / Emotional Detoxing is a matter of allowing ourselves to examine the emotion, locate the source, evaluate the truths and choose to release and replace it with new truths that align with who we are now. There are many techniques to assist us in this process. Some of the techniques I have personally utilized include: 

Bridging the Minds Technique 
Trauma Release Therapy
Free-Writing / Journaling

Mental / Emotional Detoxing is a process that affects all of the body systems. During and after the detox process you should follow a Detox Care Program to ease yourself through it. 

Spiritual Detox:

Living in conflict with our spiritual truth, our spiritual essence creates disharmony.  One of the results of this disharmony is that we carry toxic residue from the conflict(s) in our spiritual, mental, emotional, physical bodies. Spiritual detoxing allows the release of toxic residues creating an environment for harmony to exist.

Some common conflicts I have seen in myself and my practice include: living by someone else’s spiritual beliefs that are contrary to your core beliefs, living by societies spiritual expectations that go against your core spiritual beliefs, and not allowing yourself to acknowledge your spiritual beliefs. These are just a few examples of how spiritual toxins can build up within. 

Spiritual Detox techniques that may work for you include: 

Trauma Release
Bridging the Minds Technique
Free Writing / Journaling

Spiritual Detoxing is a process that affects all of the body systems. During and after the detox process you should follow a Detox Care Program to ease yourself through it

There are many detox options available and many that are good. These are a few of the ones I rely on for myself and others. The important part of any detox is to first, do it and secondly, be sure that the technique you choose resonates with you.

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