Sunday, December 14, 2014



The I Ching this week reminds me of a dream I had earlier in the week. In the dream I was, in an instant, transported to a space where I was in prison garb, shackled at the back of a line of others the same as I. We were in an arena and there were those watching for amusement as the prisoner at the front of the line was commanded to kill the creature or be killed. The creature was shackled, same as us, very large and terrifying to look at but silent and still. 

One by one the prisoner at the front of the line would, in terror, lunge toward the creature in great attempt to kill it only to kill themselves by not being aware of the limitations of their shackles or obstacles in their path. Others simply collapsed dead from fear where they stood. I noticed that as one died another would appear behind me to replace them. 

As I came closer to the front of the line I asked for guidance. "How am I to slay this fearsome creature?" A voice asked me "what makes the creature fearsome?" "It creates fear." "It does not create fear. You create fear and project fear upon it." Release your fear and look upon the creature without fear." As I did this I saw the creature was terrified, just like us, that he was filled with sorrow that he would cause fear and death to any being, and that more than anything else he wanted to be free. As I became the first in line I asked once again, "what shall I do?" A voice replied, "love." I gently walked forward saying nothing but allowing love and compassion to swell in my heart. I spoke softly to the creature words of compassion, of love, of peace and of freedom. As I came face to face with the creature I noticed he was receiving and radiating the same love, compassion, and peace and suddenly we both heard and felt the shackles break open and fall to the ground as did all the other prisoners. We were free. The creature and I embraced for a brief moment then, in an instant, we were returned to our homes. 

As I awoke from my dream I asked for the meaning and it is my understanding that I am to hold tight to the truth that in the face of great fear, the fear is but a projection from my ego, from my self. Love, which is the only truth, waits on the other side of fear and sets you free. Freedom is attained by facing fear and seeing past it to see truth. Love frees fear.

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