Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Crud Offensive - Part 1

“The Crud Offensive”

by Regina Ann

Recently our youngest son, then my husband, then I went on the defensive against the latest “crud” making its way around. Being a holistic health practitioner I soon had lots of inquiries from friends and clients on how best to survive the current crud. Turns out several states were reporting a breakout of this particular crud version. That being the case I decided to write out my own “Crud Offensive” Strategy Guide to steering clear or recovering quickly from a trending crud outbreak.

First Rule of Combat: A Good Offense is the Best Defense. Therefore I am going to begin with some of my top offensive strategies for maintaining well being. These strategies include nutrition, emotional/mental, physical and spiritual components because being well requires nurturing our whole being.

Key Offensive Components: There are two things that all disease requires in order to survive and thrive – a Low Oxygen, High Acid Environment. The environment is You! Most of us in western civilization have not been taught the importance of breathing deeply and completely, of bringing the body to a state of rest where the parasympathetic nervous system can repair and restore the body systems. Furthermore, diet and nutrition as well as lifestyle and environment results in highly acidic body environments.

Knowing these Key Components it is easy to see that learning to Breathe for well being and make new choices that Balance our Body Environment is a First Line Offensive move. For detail on both you may visit my Resource Center and find the downloadable articles: Balance the Breath and Balanced pH. 

In Part 2 I will talk nutrition and nutritional support to build a good offense and my go to defensive players.  Until then...Be Well

~*~ Regina Ann

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