Saturday, July 26, 2014

Control, Choices and Regret

During a Reiki session yesterday a client was struggling with feelings of not being in control, especially when others do things that impact him. He went on the say that he just didn't want to have any regrets. My intuitive response to this was to offer the truths that I hold on these things. Now I share them with you in the hope that it blesses you.

We have no control over another persons actions/behaviors/words which impact us. We do have control over our responses to them. When our responses flow from a space of compassion, we have not regret for our part in it because we act out of love. While it is, at times, challenging to remain in that space of compassion, it is possible. It is a choice, our choice, and our choices are always in our control. Even when we are faced with a choice we see as bad and a choice we see as worse...we still have a choice. If we choose not to have a choice...that is our choice.

Our outer world is simply a mirror of our inner world. The experiences we have are to assist in our growth as human beings. To change the actions/behaviors/words of another, we must examine our own thoughts and beliefs to determine why we are having these experiences. As we learn to evaluate the purpose of our experiences we are able to update our thoughts/beliefs/truths. The result is new experiences in alignment with our new being.

This is a continual process along our journey. Realizing this changes the perceptions we hold of the experiences and events of our life. Acting and reacting from a space of compassion and love offers us a peace throughout the process.

Whatever your experience...releasing the need to judge yourself and others will set you free. That freedom is empowering and ushers in a realm of new opportunities to live a little more in resonance with your true self.

Wishing you love and harmony in all ways

~*~ Regina Ann