Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday Community Reiki

Every Wednesday is Community Reiki Day! Our passion to offer the healing benefits of Reiki at prices that make if more affordable for more people has inspired us to add Wednesdays to our Community Reiki offering.

Community Reiki is offered in a Relaxing environment including the added benefits of Aromatherapy and Music Therapy to the Reiki experience. For those who are not familiar with Reiki: Reiki is a Complimentary Integrative Medicine used in health care facilities around the world to assist in the body's healing process.

Stress is the number one cause of dis-ease in our society. Reiki provides a space and time of relaxation allowing the body to restore harmony and well being. Reiki also encourages a sense of calm so that the body and mind can function better.

Acupuncture:  For those familiar with acupuncture, Reiki works similarly to acupuncture in that it assists the body by relieving blockages in energy channels in the body allowing the body to restore itself to a state of well being. (Without needles)

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