Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Show Your Liver Some Love

Spring is the season of the Liver in Chinese Traditional Medicine. What follows is an article I wrote some time ago which offers some easy and beneficial tips to help you show your liver some love. Enjoy :)

Love Your Liver  
by Regina Ann

The Liver…what it does for us physically is simply amazing.  It is our detoxification and protein synthesis unit, produces digestive biochemicals, and plays a major role in metabolism, stores glycogen synthesizes plasma protein, decomposes red blood cells, and produces hormones.  If the liver isn’t functioning well, we are not functioning well either.  Considering the important of the liver I felt it high time to show the liver some love.

In my practice I find the most common issue with the liver is that it is overburdened.  Remember, the liver is your body’s central detoxification unit. The contents of everything you consume are managed by the liver.  From the food you eat, the drink you enjoy to the medications you take, the liver handles the toxins that result.  The more processed and “un-natural” your consumption, the more toxins your liver has to deal with.  A naturopathic doctor friend made it very easy to understand in one of his lectures, “the body has receptors that are designed to receive what was created naturally to nurture it. When we offer it something other than that it must interpret what we have given it. Often the interpretation is less then desirable and the liver pays the toll.” 

Along with the toxins we consume, there are the emotional and mental toxins that we are all exposed to on a daily basis. Yes, the liver is the holding pen for the mental and emotional toxins we carry as well.  Mental and emotional toxins are those things which we hold in our emotional or mental body such as negative thoughts, unforgiveness, fear, guilt, grief, anger, etc.

Showing your liver some love often means making changes.  Changes to your consumption, changes to your mindset, changes to the people you choose to be around, and changes to what you hold on to.  Loving your liver is work but anything worth loving is worth working for.  In this case the work is wrapped up in learning how and then making the changes necessary to show it some love.

Start showing the love by simplifying what you consume.  The closer to nature your consumption, the easier it is on your liver.  Instead of fake sugar, which the body translates as everything from chlorine to formaldehyde, give it raw sugar or raw honey or some other form of natural sweetness.  The key is to keep it close to nature with as little processing as possible.  Everything created in nature was created for our joy, for our benefit.  It makes sense that keeping it natural gives our body what is best for it.

Increase the love factor by exploring the mental and emotional toxins you have been holding on to and allowing them to be released.  Some people are designed to accomplish this act of love with little or no assistance while others need help.  One should never consider the need for help as a negative.  Admitting the need for help is allowing oneself to be vulnerable.  Vulnerability is the strongest act of any human.  Every human being has the ability to be closed off.  It takes someone truly strong to allow themselves to be vulnerable.

Incorporate nutrition, nutrients, and techniques which aid the liver further to keep the love flowing.  Following is a list I recommend.

Liver Loving Foods –

Beets & Carrots
Leafy Greens                          
Lemons & Limes                    

Nutrients –

Dandelion Root                     
Chicory Root                          
Essential Oils

Techniques –

Tai Chi                                   
Qi Gong                                 

Regardless of the changes you choose to make, the most important thing you can do is release the emotional and mental baggage that is weighing you down and focus on being healthy.  There is plenty of research to support the fact that attitude plays a major role in health but the best research I can share with you is experience.  Both in my journey and in the lives of those I have worked with, I have seen time and time again how simply changing attitudes affects health.  Wear an attitude of gratitude, peace and joy and show your liver some love.

Visit my YouTube Channel for some Qi Gong videos for the liver. 

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