Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Energy Tips

The energies overnight and this morning have been quite aggressive and abrasive. Upon rising I immediately began my energy work to restore harmony. Since so many of you, my family, are aware of these energies and contact me for help on managing them I wanted to give you some energy tips to help you (especially on a morning like this.)

Tip #1: Breathe deeply and focus release of all that is not love and light, peace and harmony. A good affirmation for this is: I Am Love, I Am Light, I Am Peace, I Am Harmony, I Am Joy, I Am. Breathing deeply and focusing release of anything save these. Repeat as needed.

Tip #2: Balance and heal the Chakras. Click Here for one of my favorite videos for this purpose. You may also focus the intention of all Chakras being balanced, whole and perfect as well.

Tip #3: Declare your space, your bodies and your physical environment, as sacred and holy allowing only love and light to be in your space demanding all else leave at once. Breathe deeply and allow it to be so and it is. A mantra that I teach my students is: I am a child of the light. Only light may dwell in my space. Everything else must leave now. This mantra was given to me for protection and I offer to others for that purpose.

Tip #4: Move. Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Yoga are my favorites and I use what feel right for the moment. The purpose is to break up any energies (in opposition to love) that have lodged themselves in your bodies cells and release them. Releasing chi (energy) and allowing new, light, chi to restore the bodies harmony.

Visit my YouTube Channel for more videos that may help. There is techniques in the Transformation and Weekly Well Being Tips Playlists, Healing Frequencies, Mantras, Guided Meditations and More.

Above All hold love in your heart and choose to be in your center, your space of love and peace, harmony and joy regardless of what is going on around you. As each of us chooses to be in that space we leave less and less room for that which opposes love.

Blessings to all ~*~ Namaste

Regina Ann