Thursday, December 19, 2013

Everything is Affirmation

Everything is Affirmation

The world we experience is an affirmation of what we speak to ourselves and others. Every word is born of thought; every thought is received by our subconscious mind as we permit it. Every thought accepted into our subconscious mind becomes our truth as this is all our subconscious mind perceives.

Because what we affirm to ourselves is accepted by our subconscious mind as our truth. Our internal and external universes work together to bring all things into accordance with that which we have accepted into ourselves as our truth. The result is that we experience precisely those things which affirm what we have spoken to ourselves.

Change your affirmations and you change the experiences. If you have chosen to affirm that you do not enjoy the holidays, for whatever reason, begin affirming that the holidays are a joyous season, an opportunity to receive and give limitless peace and joy. Each time the old affirmation tries to sneak its way in simply stop the tape, splice it, and replace it with the new affirmation. See what happens as a result.

Understand that the subconscious mind only understands here, now, and positive. For the subconscious mind all time is now, all space is here and negatives do not exist. If you are affirming “No Fear” what your subconscious mind hears is “Fear” and you do. When writing the affirmations to change your experiences you must write in the present space using only positive words. An example could be, “I live a life of love and harmony.”   In this manner all will be received by the subconscious mind and your internal and external universes will begin work to bring all things in accordance.

But what if I don’t believe what I am saying? I hear this…a lot. Write out some of the thoughts you have been affirming all your life and tell me…do you really believe those? And yet you are living an experience to affirm those as your truth. So instead of living an experience based on truths that may not even be yours, try creating affirmations that reflect the experiences you want to live and see what happens. What do you have to lose?

In all things I wish you love and peace, joy and harmony and all blessings.

May you enjoy the Happiest of Holidays

Regina Ann