Monday, August 26, 2013


Last week we closed out the "Living The Master Key System" Series on Empowering Transformation with Regina Ann & Rich. The series was a true blessing! If you missed it you can find and download the entire series plus The Master Key System for Free here

Our NEW Show Lineup has just been released on the website. Our topics and guests are designed to Empower you through knowledge, information and in some cases just knowing you are not alone. Over the next few weeks we will cover topics from Healthy Bones to Finding the Right "Ships" (Relationships) and areas of empowerment in between.

Check out our immediate lineup:

August 29th
Rich Bentz goes from the Co-Host Seat to the Hot Seat as we interview him about his published book "The Modern American Wilderness." Join us as we learn about this well researched book that takes a look at where America is, how it got here and some solutions from a "common man" as to how to fix some things.

September 5th
"Playing With a Full Chakra" is our topic. Join us as we talk Chakras, Reiki Therapy and how "playing with a full chakra" can enhance, empower and enlighten your life. Regina Ann & Rich are both certified Reiki Master Practitioners and invite fellow practitioners to join in on this topic.

September 12th
"Medicine Cabinet Makeover" is our topic today. Learn the amazing, inexpensive, natural alternatives to things you keep in your medicine cabinet. These simple makeovers will not only make your pocket book happy but may relieve some of the toxic burden your body is carrying around.

September 19th
Rachel Love, Published Author and Radio Show Personality, is our Guest today. Join us as we talk about her books, her radio shows and her journey of empowerment and transformation.

September 26th
"How To...Meditate In a Microwave Society" is our topic today. Join us as we navigate the art of meditation in a society that wants to accomplish all things in 5 seconds or less.

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We look forward to seeing you on Empowering Transformation with Regina Ann & Rich!