Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Healthy You Winner!

Lauren was our Winner last night at the first of our Healthy You Series presented by Regina Ann, Integrative Wholistic Solutions, and Green Acres Market Jenks. Lauren won the Bio Coffee samples prize awarded by Green Acres Market and One Free Wellness Consulting Session with Regina Ann for her participation in the "Is is Alkaline or is it Acid Forming" game during the Healthy You Series. This weeks Healthy Share was Balancing pH. Attendees received a simplified Alkaline/Acid Food Chart from Regina Ann along with Easy Ways to Balance your pH.

A Big Thank You to everyone who made our first Healthy You Series Event a wonderful success! The Healthy You Series is scheduled for the First Monday of each month 7-8 pm CST in the cafe section of Green Acres Market Jenks. Our next event is Monday, August 5th. Please RSVP so we will have plenty of samples/prizes/goodies for everyone. RSVP: http://integrativewholisticsolutions.com/events.php