Monday, June 24, 2013

Staying True

Staying True

Staying true to ones course is a continual process. Much like sailing one must continually check the course and adjust the sails accordingly. In our daily human existence it is easy to lose sight of our true reason for being, for doing what we’re doing.

When our desire is to be of service, to use our gifts, to spread love and light, our humanity/ego can get in the way at times and take us off course. In our being love, light and service people are drawn to us and we begin receiving accolades and applause stroking our ego. Our ego loves this and wants more and more. The potential is there for our course to shift from one of service to others to serving the self.

In some manner we may become aware that our course has shifted and our desire went south. In this awareness waste no time on judgment of self nor anyone else. Time spent on judgment is time not spent on correcting the course. Simply acknowledge that this is not the course you set out for, that you desire to stay true, then reset the sails and return to true north. Set your ego aside and task the watchman to guard.

Staying True is a continual process requiring awareness and work. The results are a life well worth it. Stay true to divine self, stay true to Source, stay true to your course.

~*~ Regina Ann

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