Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Integrative Wholistic Solutions

After much contemplation, consideration, research and listening to my inner voice, a name for my practice has finally been presented to me. Integrative Wholistic Solutions. The name encompasses the services I offer as well as my philosophy of health and wellness.

Integrative means: serving to integrate (blend into a functioning or unified whole)
Wholistic refers to the whole, or whole body of a person or thing. The word defines the consideration of the entire structure or makeup which includes the body, mind and spirit of the being.
Solutions an action or process of solving a problem, resolution.

From the birth of my journey to wellness I discovered that restoring balance and harmony to all the body systems was the key to transformative, life-long, health and wellness. The complimentary medicines, practices, and techniques I have studied and offer through my practice are designed to be easily integrated into every day life and compliment other treatment plans be they alopathic or naturopathic. My desire is to Empower You to Transform your life Body, Mind and Spirit.

Integrative Wholistic Solutions offers an integrative approach to providing health and wellness solutions for the whole person: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.

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