Monday, February 25, 2013

What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

My "Microwave" response to this question when asked goes something like this. Most people in my "neck of the woods" (Tulsa, Oklahoma) are familiar with acupuncture so I say, "you're familiar with acupuncture right. Acupuncture basically uses needles to open blockages in meridians so energy flows and things work properly. Reiki accomplishes the same thing without needles." This is a quick and easy descriptor I use to relay a very generalized understanding of Reiki to people who know nothing about it. What follows is a little more information on Reiki. Enjoy ~*~  

Reiki may be translated to "Rei" God Consciousness ~ "ki" Life force energy. 

Reiki allows healing to occur by introducing God Consciousness ~ "Rei" energy to disrupted areas to allow the balance and flow of original creation.  Beautifully designed for whole wellness, our bodies bring healing to themselves as they are balanced and flow with "ki" as created and designed.

Reiki, which is guided by God consciousness, cannot harm, as our Creator knows ours needs better than we ourselves.  Because the practitioner is allowing him/herself to be used as a vessel for Divine service, there is no fear or danger in the healing. 

Life force energy ~ "ki", flows in, through, and around our bodies.  Within the physical body the ki flows through pathways known as chakras, meridians, and nadis. Around our physical bodies ki flows in the field of energy known as the aura.  Ki nourishes us supporting our vital functions.  When our ki is disrupted it can cause diminished function in one or more aspects of the emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual bodies. 

Reiki treats the whole person ~ body, mind, emotions, and spirit allowing an opportunity for whole healing. Dis-ease and distress occur when one or more of our bodies ~ emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual ~ are blocked, imbalanced, not in alignment, or not in agreement. Because Reiki works on the whole person the opportunity exists for healing of not only the symptoms of dis-ease and distress but the source of them as well.

I always let my clients and students know that Reiki in and of itself does not heal just as the practitioner does not heal. Reiki allows the practitioner to offer divine healing energy from our creator to flow where it is needed. As this energy restores balance and harmony the bodies (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) are able to heal themselves as created.

 Reiki, by design, may be offered in person or over any distance of time or space. Some of my most cherished experiences offering Reiki have been over long distances including: Tulsa, OK, USA to Tokyo; St. Louis, MO to Eastern Oklahoma; and Tulsa, OK to India. Past trauma has been healed by facilitating Reiki to the time of the trauma. Healing past trauma has been a blessing for myself and many clients and students as well as clients of students.

Knowledge is power! Knowing what Reiki is allows people to determine if this Common Alternative Medicine resonates with them. I always recommend that if you decide to have Reiki that you find a practitioner you feel good about. If you are unable to relax because you don't feel comfortable with the practitioner, your experience will be less that good. In that case it's not that Reiki is not good, it's that you were not comfortable with the practitioner and therefore were unable to relax and receive the benefits of Reiki. 

The benefits of Reiki have been experienced by many for centuries. As you empower yourself and seek tools to transform yourself and your life Reiki can be among those beneficial to your health and wellness. 

Wishing you Health & Wellness 
~*~ Regina Ann