Monday, February 25, 2013

Reiki After Care

Because Reiki allows the body to release blockages in the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies it can act as a gentle detox.  The energy of Reiki continues to flow through the body systems up to several days after a treatment. Follow the recommendations below to enjoy the best possible benefits from your Reiki therapy.

1.   HYDRATE! This is the number 1 thing you need to do. Drink at least 6/8 – 8 oz. glasses of purified water every day for at least three (3) days following your session, preferably seven (7) days.  Toxins cannot be eliminated if you are not flushing them out with water. If you detest plain water then add fresh squeezed citrus to your water. If you need it sweet, use pure Stevia.

2.    REST. As your body is releasing toxins it may require more rest than usual.

3.    NURTURE. Be gentle with yourself and require that those around you do the same. Avoid negative, harsh, or stressful environments or people as much as possible. Spend time with positive, supportive, loving friends and family. Allow your inner child to play and dream.

4.    HONOUR. Honour this time as a time of renewal and growth. Take in nature, exercise, meditate, affirm, choose loving and positive thoughts.

5.    EAT Healthy! Choose nutrient dense, whole foods which support your detox process.

6.    ELIMINATE chemical laden foods, processed foods, alcohol, soda, cigarettes, fried and fatty foods. Highly sensitive or over-burdened systems may benefit from the 30 day Modified Elimination Diet. (Find it in my Resource Center)

Symptoms you may experience during your gentle detox include:
·         Fatigue
·         Joint pain or aches
·         Headache (mild)
·         Intestinal discomfort
·         Increased bowel movements

These symptoms should only last 2-6 days after which you should experience a wide array of benefits which may include:

·         Increased energy
·         Increased stamina
·         Increased strength
·         Increased creativity
·         Increased focus
·         Increased positive outlook
·         Increased coping ability
·         Increased decision making ability