Friday, February 8, 2013


Perception…everyone has one
and each is uniquely their own
as each one of us is unique.
conflict comes when
one demands
all others perceptions are flawed
unless they mirror their own.
All perceptions are flawed
all of us who perceive are flawed.
we each one perceive
out of our own experiences and beliefs
in Every situation there is truth
and as many perceptions
as there are those to perceive.
So what to do
about this mess
of perception
Perhaps a good place to start
is in the realm of compassion
for in this realm
we each have permission
to perceive as we perceive
absent of judgment
and in this realm we give self
to open our perception
beyond our own limitations
expanding to possibilities
not previously perceived
from our own unique

~*~ Regina Ann

*All Rights Reserved