Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Right "Ship"

The Right “Ship”
by Regina Ann

Relationships have been the common trend among my clients and those I network with of late. Part of the reason for this is the holidays and part of it is the cosmic alignments offering us all the opportunity to be clear on what relationship means to us and what we want from them. One of the distinctions I offer is the difference between relationships and partnerships.

Although society utilizes the term relationship to include committed partnerships, I don’t. The term relationship does not adequately embrace the commitment of a partnership in my opinion. Therefore, I prefer to distinguish between relationships and partnerships when working with someone to create a better one. That being said, what is the difference between a relationship and a partnership?

Merriam-Webster defines relationship as: 1: the state of being related or interrelated; 2. The relation connecting or binding participants in a relationship; 3b. a romantic or passionate attachment.  Anyone with whom we share a related-ness is therefore a relationship. Whereas a relationship can be a romantic attachment by definition, it lacks the implication of commitment. Relationships are those experiences we share with others on various levels of connectedness without necessarily a commitment.

Partnership is defined by Merriam-Webster as: 1. the state of being a partner : participation; 2b. the persons joined together in a partnership; 3. A relationship resembling a legal partnership and usually involving close cooperation between parties having specified and joint rights and responsibilities. In other words, persons participating as committed partners.

For those who are looking for the right “relationship” understanding the difference between relationships and partnerships helps you more clearly define what it is you truly want. This is true whether you seek friendship relationships or passionate partnerships. Being clear on what you want is the first step in receiving it. If you desire a partnership but are scripting it as a relationship, you will be disappointed at some point in it.

The next big key in receiving the “ship” you desire, be it relationship or partnership, is to have that “ship” with yourself! If you desire relationships with others based on unconditional love and acceptance you need to unconditionally love and accept yourself first. Can you truly offer another person what you do not offer yourself? No. You can try very hard to offer it to others but the conditions you have set upon yourself will creep in one way or another. Those restrictions of self love that you have placed there will be mirrored in the things you cannot stand to allow in other people. It is only when you have no conditions on the love you show yourself that you can allow others to be who they are and love them anyway. Some call this compassion.

Every “ship” we experience is a mirror for us. It shows us what our soul is asking us to refine within ourselves. Each experience offers us an opportunity to release what is no longer needed to allow room for what is for our best and highest good. When we allow ourselves to view our “ships” and experiences as such it is then we receive what is for us through them with grace.

So, for all those seeking the “right” ship, here it is.

 ~ Be clear on which “ship” you desire
~ Clearly define for yourself what you need, want, and desire from your “ships”
~ Be willing to have that “ship” with yourself that you desire to have with someone else

When you are clear about the ship you are asking for, when you clearly define what it looks like, and you are willing to give it to yourself first…then you will find the ship you’ve been searching for.

Happy Sailing ;)

Regina Ann
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