Monday, January 7, 2013

Radio Show Recap 1/5/2013

Thanks to our listeners and our callers, our first show of 2013 was such a blessing! The topic was "It's the Thought That Counts." We discussed the power of thoughts, awareness, and co-creating through thought.

We were gifted to share Reiki and healing prayers with one of our family who was in the Love Lounge. What a beautiful way to begin the show. Maitri and gratitude to the Reiki Masters who participated with us.

Thought being energy we talked about the law of frequencies. With the consensus that at least 90% of our mental life is subconscious we talked about the importance of the conscious and subconscious minds being aligned and in agreement. As a result, I shared a technique I have used for some years and teach to my clients and students. You can find the technique in the Resources section of Transformation Tools on my website You can also find the Simplified Bagua I use with instructions on how I create my Vision Board on the same page.

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