Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Resolution

New Year’s Resolution

by Regina Ann

It’s that time of year again, time for New Year’s Resolutions (NYRs for short). Most everyone falls into one of two groups when it comes to NYRs. Group one makes their NYR and works very hard to keep them, at least for some period of time. Group two stopped making NYRs at all because they don’t believe they will keep them and they’ve tired of the whole setup-for-failure-go-round. Personally, I joined the ranks of the latter some years ago. This year however, I am challenging myself…and you to a different kind of NYR.

The concept for my New Style NYR came to me from the Full Moon Fire Ceremonies we hold each month. The Full Moon Ceremony Rich & I practice stems from our Shamanism. Traditionally the Full Moon is seen as a time of leaving behind the old and opening up to the new. As part of our ceremony we may play music, we always offer up prayers, we add to our fire sage and cedar as well as eucalyptus from our tree and pine cones we have gathered. We take time to meditate on those things we wish to be done with writing them on a piece of paper. At the time we are ready we offer the paper to the fire with the intention of releasing it to our Creator. As the fire releases the paper and smoke rises we hold the intention that we have let these things go into the hands of the Creator and they are not ours to carry any longer. If we so choose we share with one another what we have chosen to release and leave behind.

When we have offered up the old that we are ready to release we then write on another piece of paper those things which we desire to bring in new. This is a fun part for me because I dream big and put it all there. I tap into my heart and ask, “what do you want for me?”  Once the new list is completed we offer it to the fire. As it burns and the smoke rises we hold the intention that we a letting go of how and allowing the Universe and our Creator to bring to us as is for our best and highest good in perfect time.

This year for my NYR I will release that which no longer serves my best and highest good and I will lift the restrictions I have carefully constructed in order to allow the infinite abundance of the Creator to flow in, through, and around me as is for my best and highest good in perfect time. As change is the only certainty, I will release and allow periodically throughout the year. This is my NYR!

However you intend to honor the process of releasing the old and allowing in the new, I challenge you to do it. We are infinite beings inhabiting human forms following a path of healing and restoration to a home we already know. Make your NYR to continue on your path…in perfect time. Holding that as your intention, you are guaranteed success.

Blessings to you for a Beautiful and Magical New Year

Regina Ann
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