Thursday, January 3, 2013

Detox Time!

The holidays are over and it's back to our normal schedules once again. Along with the wonderful memories of the holiday season we are also carrying in to the new year all the irregularities of the season. You know, the excess of food, beverages and people that we allow ourselves to indulge in during special times of the year.

To help you get this new year started off right I have put together two Gentle Detox Therapy options. The first one is an in person or distance Reiki Detox Therapy session. Reiki, by its very nature can act as a gentle detox for the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies since Reiki faciliates the release of blockages in these bodies.  The second is an in person Reiki AromaTherapy session.  This unique session combines Reiki with essential oils personally selected for you.  The combination of Reiki with Aromatherapy typically enhances the benefits experienced during and after the session.  Gentle Detox After Care is recommended for both of these unique therapies and is provided to each client.  

Visit my website to learn more about these therapies and book your appointment today.  You can also take advantage of my referral gift, gift cards and gift certificates for these therapies. Simply visit and look for Gentle Detox Therapies.   

My business uses Square Register for in person clients accepting cash, checks, debit and credit cards. Distance clients may utilize the PayPal buttons on the website to book their appointments.

I look forward to helping you have a Healthy & Happy New Year

~*~ Regina Ann