Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift
by Regina Ann

Tis the season when everyone’s thoughts turn to giving and receiving gifts.  In honor of this gift giving season I offer you “The Greatest Gift.” The beauty of the greatest gift is that it is a gift you give and receive. The magic of the greatest gift is that it is limitless and boundless. Are you ready for your gift?

I give you The Greatest Gift…Love You. Love you with a pure love that is unconditional and purely intentional. Love you with Maitri Love. According to Wikipedia: Maitri is a Sanskrit word meaning loving kindness, benevolence, amity, friendship, good will, kindness. It is a love without clinging. It is when you are willing to give yourself the gift of this love that you are able to love all others with this love..making it The Greatest Gift.

The dictionary has multiple definitions of love. Each of us has learned some meaning of the word love through our life experiences. To best receive the greatest gift, throw out all that you have read and all that you have been taught love is. Here is an exercise to help you redefine love. Make a quiet space alone with yourself. Take with you a notebook and pen. Say the word Love. Say it aloud to yourself and allow yourself to feel it with all of your senses. Take time to process what love means to you.  Write the words that come to your mind to define love. Look at these words and decide if they are your truth about what love is. If they are, keep them, if they are not, mark them out and throw them away. Through this process you become clear as to your truth about what love is and how you define it. You also clear out the definitions of others that contradict yours.

Now that you have a clear knowing of what love means to you, write yourself a love letter. Write loving words about yourself to yourself. This is a process that will help you feel that maitri love about yourself. When you allow yourself to receive maitri love from yourself, you free yourself to give maitri love to all others. Love and compassion for others begins with love and compassion for self. As you receive the greatest gift you will find you want to share it with others.

Keep giving the greatest gift year round. Now that you have learned the greatest gift, continue giving and receiving it all through the year. Schedule time once a week to love yourself. It’s your gift so you choose what that looks like. Perhaps it means that one day a week you sit and watch whatever shows you want and do nothing. Maybe it means one day a week you take yourself on a date. Whatever you choose to do for yourself, do it with love. In the event feelings of guilt surface, simply say I love you to yourself and go about having your time for you.

Throughout this season of gift giving and receiving, I wish to send you my love. May you know love and know that you are loved. May you be blessed beyond all measure and be at peace always.

~*~ Maitri
Regina Ann