Friday, November 16, 2012

BEing Your Authentic Self

The topic of being our "authentic" self, being true to who we are, has been brought up a lot lately by clients, friends, and colleagues. A truth that I have shared with many and want to share with you is this. When one seeks to be true to themselves, to be authentic, they must first be aligned mind, body and spirit. 

When the conscious mind says one thing and the subconscious mind says another there is conflict and one cannot be authentic. Much of what we have stored in our subconscious mind is not even our truths but the truths of others which we have adopted or accepted as our truth. When we accept the truths of others that are not in alignment with our true self it creates conflict and we are unable to be authentic to our self.

In order to be true to our self we must re-connect the conscious and subconscious minds to bring them into alignment and agreement. The process I use with my clients is a four step process that I and my clients have had great success with. As we learn to communicate between the conscious and subconscious minds we are able to discover the source of "hidden truths" we have been previously unaware of. At this point we choose whether to keep them or replace them with truths that align with who we truly are or want to be.

When we bring the conscious and subconscious minds into alignment we begin to experience our true self and true authenticity. Through this process of being true to our self we begin to manifest the life we truly desire because we are in aligned and in agreement on all levels. Our body falls into alignment because we are no longer in conflict.

The more you are living in conflict with your true self, the more your spirit will provide you with opportunities to come into alignment. Many see these opportunities as challenges, repeating cycles, and bad experiences or bad relationships. In truth, there is no good or bad...only opportunities for growth that your soul has asked for. When you are ready to view each experience and each relationship as these opportunities then you can learn from them, align your true self, and transform into your authentic being. 

When you allow others into your space to help you with your growth they serve as a mirror to show you what your soul has asked you to take note of and grow through. Instead of focusing on their faults and what they have "done to you"...focus on what you asked to see and learn. Focus on you and what you need to do to align yourself with your truth. Thank them for being willing to come into your space and teach you.

You are as authentic and true to you as you allow yourself to be. Take note of the moments when you feel conflicted and love yourself enough to seek the alignment within you necessary to be true to you. The result is peace and freedom to be your authentic self.

~*~ Regina Ann