Monday, October 22, 2012

Show Recap 10/20/2012

Saturday we had the joy to welcome Dr. Peter C. Rogers, Author of Ultimate Truth and Universal Truth, to our show. Dr. Rogers shared a bit about his journey and transformation.  We talked about specific segments of the books including the Trinity and the elevating frequency of the planet. Our beautiful Venus called in and asked for guidance on affirming a new life.

Dr. Rogers is currently writing a new book and agreed to make a return appearance on the show to share with us about it on its completion. Below you will find a link to the show. Listen in archives, download as an mp3 or in iTunes to listen at your convenience.
We are regularly experiencing about 300  downloads per show! Thank you! 

I encourage everyone to share in the experience of the Love Lounge (chat room) during the show. The Love Lounge is a safe and loving space to share with one another, post questions, make comments and show one another love and support.

Next week our guest is Jaylene Johnston. Jaylene will share with us the healing and transformative modality  of Chi Ne Tsang. Log in to the Love Lounge, Call in with questions and comments, Join us for another Empowering Transformation with Regina Ann Show Saturday at Noon EST.

Saturdays Show with Dr. Rogers

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