Sunday, October 14, 2012

Radio Show Recap 10/13/2012

What an Empowering show! We were blessed to have Dr. Joseph Girardin, CEO & Founder of Spiritual Abundance Academy with us to share on our topic, "Who Am I?"  Joseph recently shared a comment on a Facebook page which opened up a great discussion about our topic. Here is the statement for you to consider.
The first turn key occurs when you ask the perennial question, "Who am I" You cannot be your Authentic Self without becoming intimate with your true nature, without going beyond personality, cherished beliefs,likes,and dislikes. To discover your core Self, you must be willing to break the agreements you have made with mediocrity.The moment you stop running the racket of saying small to please society,family,friends,or bosses,original face will start to come into focus and you will know who you and what you really are as an emanation of the Universal One. As you come into an understanding of your true essence,you automatically want to know how you are to express it on planet.
Peace and Love

We also shared our expertise on how to come to know who you are and transform how you see yourself to more perfectly mirror your truth.  Click on the link below to listen or download this episode. May you be blessed ~*~

10/13/2012 Radio Show Link

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