Friday, October 12, 2012

Lessons of Nature

Lessons of Nature

I am continually in awe of nature. It holds so many lessons and truths for us if we only listen. This morning I was reminded of this once again. I stood in a place, in a space of time where I was able to see rain falling in the front yard and clear sky in the back. And isn’t that the way of it. Storms come and pass Sun warms the earth, casts rainbows in the sky.

Were I in that moment only able to see the storm in the front yard what would I perceive? Would the Sun be as real to me or the rainbow share its hope-filled seeds. Caught up in the momentary storm would I loose hope, would I feel alone? In the angst of the unknown would I linger...stretching the time of it beyond...bringing it with me past the moment of its happening.

In the midst of the storm would I thank it were I to know the outcome? For the storm brought needed rain to spring forth life in me that was lost. Brought life to seeds laying in wait to blossom. Made the Sun shine brighter and the light inside illumine. Gave Life to my garden.

To see the storm and the sky so clear in one and the same moment is a gift of nature’s lessons. BE in the moment of the storm, take heart as it cleanses, washes away the dust, nourishing the soul that its seeds may grow and blossom. Allow the feeling of the experience of it all. Knowing it is in these moments you BEcome. Linger not in the storm but let it pass. Embrace the Sun, let it shine like a beacon from the center of your heart.

Storms come and pass as nature shows us. The pain of some storms breaks us but broken soil is what the garden needs to flourish. Nature teaches us this… for after the storm subsides new life bursts forth.

These are lessons of nature…

~*~ Regina Ann