Sunday, October 28, 2012

Show Recap 10/27/2012

Today we welcomed Jaylene Johnston to the show to speak about herself and her practice, particularly Chi Ne Tsang.  Rich had a bit of technology challenges going on at the top of the show which led to our Just Bill posting in the Love Lounge to let it be :) Of course, I took it and ran and we created the "let it be what it be" saying. We do have fun!

Jaylene was a delight on the show and it was great to learn more about her and the wonderful gift of Chi Ne Tsang.  Chi Ne Tsang is of benefit for the physical and emotional bodies and can help with a wide variety of physical symptoms.

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Next week we have with us Curtis Webb of Golden Cabinet Chinese Medicine to talk about Chinese Medicine and the Chinese Dietary Therapy.

A Meditation for Peace

A Meditation for Peace

As we approach the elections in the United States and the December 21, 2012 time of anxiety for so many people, this meditation for peace allows us the opportunity to work in concert to shift the energies we and the members of our planet experience. This meditation is beneficial at any time however; times of Full Moons and New Moons lend lunar energies to your meditation.

For this meditation place yourself in a safe, quiet, peaceful space. Create your space of peace. You may wish to play peaceful music; light candles; or burn incense, sage, cedar, etc. That which facilitates a space of peace is good.

Take your place in your space of peace. Allow time to be released trusting your self to know when you are finished. Place yourself in a peaceful pose whether sitting or lying down. Begin your meditation for peace.

~ Breathe in to your lower dan tien (lower belly) allowing breath to flow freely into the body, through the body and out of the body
~ Invite peace into your heart. Feel the warmth of peace as it completely fills your heart
~ Allow this peace to flow through your body permeating every cell
~ Allow this peace to flow through all that you are, all bodies, all aspects, all dimensions and time that you are
~ As all that you are embraces this peace invite this peace to flow to those closest to you, those you hold dear
~ Invite this peace to flow into their heart and permeate all that they are
~ Now invite this peace to flow into the hearts and being of those in your community, state, nation, and planet
~ Invite this peace to permeate all that has been, all that is, and all that will be
~ Remain in this place of peace listening to your intuition to know when you are complete
~ Express gratitude for this opportunity and thank all who have been a part of this moment
~ Breathe in love, exhale gratitude brining this meditation to a close

May you always know love, may you always feel peace

~*~ Namaste

~*~ Regina Ann

Monday, October 22, 2012

Show Recap 10/20/2012

Saturday we had the joy to welcome Dr. Peter C. Rogers, Author of Ultimate Truth and Universal Truth, to our show. Dr. Rogers shared a bit about his journey and transformation.  We talked about specific segments of the books including the Trinity and the elevating frequency of the planet. Our beautiful Venus called in and asked for guidance on affirming a new life.

Dr. Rogers is currently writing a new book and agreed to make a return appearance on the show to share with us about it on its completion. Below you will find a link to the show. Listen in archives, download as an mp3 or in iTunes to listen at your convenience.
We are regularly experiencing about 300  downloads per show! Thank you! 

I encourage everyone to share in the experience of the Love Lounge (chat room) during the show. The Love Lounge is a safe and loving space to share with one another, post questions, make comments and show one another love and support.

Next week our guest is Jaylene Johnston. Jaylene will share with us the healing and transformative modality  of Chi Ne Tsang. Log in to the Love Lounge, Call in with questions and comments, Join us for another Empowering Transformation with Regina Ann Show Saturday at Noon EST.

Saturdays Show with Dr. Rogers

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Radio Show Recap 10/13/2012

What an Empowering show! We were blessed to have Dr. Joseph Girardin, CEO & Founder of Spiritual Abundance Academy with us to share on our topic, "Who Am I?"  Joseph recently shared a comment on a Facebook page which opened up a great discussion about our topic. Here is the statement for you to consider.
The first turn key occurs when you ask the perennial question, "Who am I" You cannot be your Authentic Self without becoming intimate with your true nature, without going beyond personality, cherished beliefs,likes,and dislikes. To discover your core Self, you must be willing to break the agreements you have made with mediocrity.The moment you stop running the racket of saying small to please society,family,friends,or bosses,original face will start to come into focus and you will know who you and what you really are as an emanation of the Universal One. As you come into an understanding of your true essence,you automatically want to know how you are to express it on planet.
Peace and Love

We also shared our expertise on how to come to know who you are and transform how you see yourself to more perfectly mirror your truth.  Click on the link below to listen or download this episode. May you be blessed ~*~

10/13/2012 Radio Show Link

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Lessons of Nature

Lessons of Nature

I am continually in awe of nature. It holds so many lessons and truths for us if we only listen. This morning I was reminded of this once again. I stood in a place, in a space of time where I was able to see rain falling in the front yard and clear sky in the back. And isn’t that the way of it. Storms come and pass Sun warms the earth, casts rainbows in the sky.

Were I in that moment only able to see the storm in the front yard what would I perceive? Would the Sun be as real to me or the rainbow share its hope-filled seeds. Caught up in the momentary storm would I loose hope, would I feel alone? In the angst of the unknown would I linger...stretching the time of it beyond...bringing it with me past the moment of its happening.

In the midst of the storm would I thank it were I to know the outcome? For the storm brought needed rain to spring forth life in me that was lost. Brought life to seeds laying in wait to blossom. Made the Sun shine brighter and the light inside illumine. Gave Life to my garden.

To see the storm and the sky so clear in one and the same moment is a gift of nature’s lessons. BE in the moment of the storm, take heart as it cleanses, washes away the dust, nourishing the soul that its seeds may grow and blossom. Allow the feeling of the experience of it all. Knowing it is in these moments you BEcome. Linger not in the storm but let it pass. Embrace the Sun, let it shine like a beacon from the center of your heart.

Storms come and pass as nature shows us. The pain of some storms breaks us but broken soil is what the garden needs to flourish. Nature teaches us this… for after the storm subsides new life bursts forth.

These are lessons of nature…

~*~ Regina Ann

Monday, October 8, 2012

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

I sat there
quite content
enjoying the warmth
of my comfort zone
then came a push
to move me on
allow me to grow
encourage me to bloom
but I was cozy
so I brushed it off
till push came to shove
and my comfort zone
was no longer comfortable
so I arose
walked to the edge
looked over the ledge
of perceived precipice
called upon love
come fill me with light
armed with trust
spread my wings
to take flight
heart racing
possibilities embracing
in a single step
I soar forth
in a leap of faith

~*~ Regina Ann

Oct 6th Radio Show Recap

Guest Zachary Avery

We were honored to have Zachary Avery of Knead It Or Knot as our guest Saturday.  We had a great time discussing acupuncture, cupping and yoga. He shared information about his practice, how he came to practice and his visions for the future of his practice. 

We were blessed with beautiful souls in the love lounge and listening on their phones. We took some questions from the love lounge regarding yoga including which yoga is best to practice for releasing negative energies from yourself. We had some great comments on acupuncture and cupping from family in the love lounge as well.

Follow the link below to Listen or Download the show

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Empowering Transformation with Regina Ann Radio Show Group

Join us Saturday, October 13th for "Who Am I?" How you see yourself and how that affects your life experiences. Noon-2 pm EST on Empowering Transformation with Regina Ann on Inner Child Radio.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Transformation Journey

WOW! I can honestly say that pictures speak volumes! People often ask why I offer the services I do. This is why. I have been on my own transformation journey and I want to assist others in their transformation journey.  The services, training and consulting I offer are all aspects of what I have learned and applied along my journey.

It's hard to believe that just five short years ago I was that other person, the one in the first picture. At that time I was on medication for two forms of arrhythmia that was affecting my heart. In fact the cardiologist stated that I could quite literally drop dead at any moment. I had been through two surgeries to remove masses believed to be cancerous.  Both thyroid glands and the band connecting them were inflamed and the doctor could not determine why. During my typical day I had to nap at least once in order to make it through the day. I lived in an abusive marriage and abusive family situation. I had grown up playing the victim and had learned the role well.

What made the change? I did! I decided this was not the life I wanted anymore! Upon making that decision I went to work studying, learning, and healing. Through the process I learned that transformation involves all aspects of oneself...physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.  There has been a lot of learning, applying, experiencing, evaluating and modifying along the way. 

From where I was to where I am now is literally two different people.  My self-power has been reclaimed, I am reconnected with my twin flame soul mate, I offer services for the healing of all humankind, I host a radio show to empower transformation, I am the health and wellness editor of an international magazine, I continue to learn, teach, counsel, and coach. Most importantly I am free and safe to be the me I am created to be. Everything else is icing on the cake.

Even within this amazing life that I have chosen to participate in, I know there is more journey ahead of me. More healing to do, more transformation to experience, more magic and joy to create. In visiting with a student recently I took a moment to reflect on the journey so far. It has been work and the toughest part has been in being willing to be completely honest with myself. However, the reward is beyond my most wonderful dreams. The experience of being truly free is right up there with maitri love. With this freedom comes the opportunities to create your life the way you desire it to be.  

Each one of us holds within us the key to the door that leads to transformation, to creating a love-filled, joy-filled life. Some are equipped to find the key and the door, open it and step through. The rest of us need a little help.  That is what I offer... a little assistance. It is a humbling, beautiful, joyful and honoring experience to be a small part of those moments when a soul finds the key and steps through the door to rediscover their true self.

I am honored to share this journey with you...may you always feel love...may you always know peace ~*~

Regina Ann

To learn more about the services I offer visit the Resonance Healing website 

Monday, October 1, 2012

October 2012 Show Schedule

It's October already and we have a wonderful schedule set for the Empowering Transformation with Regina Ann Radio Show. Check it out...

Oct. 6th ~ Zachary Avery of Knead It Or Knot will share the healing benefits of Acupuncture and Yoga and tell us about himself and his practice. 

Oct. 13th ~ Our topic is Who Am I?  How you see yourself and how that affects your life experience. 

Oct. 20th ~ Dr. Peter C. Rogers, Author of The Ultimate Truth and Universal Truth, will share discussion of his books, his organization, and himself.

Oct. 27th ~ Jaylene Johnston, Chi Ne Tsang Practitioner will share with us the healing benefits of Chi Ne Tsang and tell us about herself and her practice.

Empowering Transformation with Regina Ann Airs Live each Saturday at Noon EST on Inner Child Radio. Click the link and search Empowering Transformation with Regina Ann. You can use your free blogtalk radio account to follow and set reminders for the show. Each show is Archived so if you miss it you can listen later, download or listen in iTunes.


Sept 29, 2012 Radio Show Recap

Our show topic this week was Life Purpose...What Is It? 

We were blessed with several beautiful souls to share this topic with us and with you. We talked not only about life purpose but the purpose of life. Bill Peters shared a poem, seeking purpose, that was perfect for the topic and we discussed the objectification of life purpose versus living life on purpose. Being present and focusing on the experiences in each moment was agreed upon to be a key to living your life purpose.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making the show an empowering place to be. Links shared on the show are below as is a link to the archived show. Listen, download or open in iTunes to experience the show in its entirety. 

Saturdays Show: