Monday, September 3, 2012

Sept 1st Radio Show Recap

Empowering Transformation with Regina Ann Radio Show Recap

I want to first of all thank everyone who made the Intro Show such a wonderful place to be.  We had 21 live listeners and 7 live callers! To which Rich asked about the not live callers and listeners because he didn’t want them underrepresented :) LOL!

For those who missed the Intro Show, Rich is my wonderful Twin Flame Soul Mate, Co-Host and My Love.  We laugh a lot and had fun sharing our laughter with our radio show family.

Our first call in was by Joseph from New Jersey. Rich spent some time chatting it up with him in the chat room about New Jersey. (Rich spent some time growing up there.)  Joseph honored us with some thoughts and comments.  We were blessed with the presence of Bill “just bill” Peters and Janet Caldwell of Inner Child Enterprises.  Both called in and spent some time on air with us.

We had questions from some our beautiful people in the chat room about healing and grief.  One question pertained to a person being too afraid to confront a trauma to heal it.  Another question dealt with the grieving process.  We continue to send love and healing to them. 

We had everyone share links in the chat room.  If you have the opportunity, the chat room is the place to be...such a loving place. We always encourage everyone to connect to support and love one another between shows. I will share all the links at the end of this blog so everyone can get connected if you aren’t already.

Next weeks show is all about the show title. We will discuss Empowerment, being Empowered. This will no doubt take us through the process of transitioning from victim to empowered.  The other part of the show will focus on Transformation. What does transformation look like? There are a lot of thoughts on the subject and we look forward to a wonderful discussion about it with you.

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Links shared on the show:

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Inner Child Site ~ 

Inner Child Magazine ~

Health & Wellness Section ~ - Healing Through Words

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