Monday, September 17, 2012

Sept. 15th Radio Show Recap

Empowering Transformation with Regina Ann 
9/15/2012 Radio Show Recap

We had a wonderful Affirmation show Saturday.  Thank you to everyone who was with us live and to everyone who will listen to the archive.  We talked about what affirmations are, how they affirm what we hold as truth, how to empower our affirmations, and how to incorporate them in our daily lives.

Affirmations are simply validating what you believe or desire. One of the most important rules in affirmations is to drop the negatives. The subconscious mind does not do negatives. If your affirmation is, “I will not fail” for example the subconscious mind hears “I will fail.” To empower your affirmation transform the affirmation to “I am successful.”

Several of us shared favorite affirmations and we talked about how we incorporate them in our day. We discussed affirmations that build us up and affirmations that cause harm. We shared a link to the I Am Affirmation on my YouTube channel as well. 

If you missed the show you can listen to it below or on our new website (link below). You can also download the show and listen to it as often as you wish.

Join us next week as we interview one of my amazing Reiki Master Teacher Graduates and Barefoot Doctor, Kelley Wyskiel. Kelley will share with us about being a barefoot doctor and what she offers through her barefoot clinic. We will be live Saturday, September 22, 2012 at Noon EST on Inner Child Radio. Call in to ask questions or offer encouragement (714) 816-4751.

Have a WonderFilled Week 

~*~ Regina Ann


9/15/2012 Show ~ Affirmations

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