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Resonance Healing Services

Facilitating Healing
Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit

Blessed to offer the following services

Chakra Balancing
The Chakra are the energy hubs through which energy flows throughout the body. When a chakra is out of balance or blocked the energy cannot flow as needed for optimal health. Chakra Balancing assists the chakras to balance and release blockages to allow optimal energy flow through the body.
             1 Session 30 Minutes ~ $30
4 Sessions Pre-Paid  ~ $100

Chakra AromaTherapy
Combining Chakra Balancing with Aromatherapy, this treatment utilizes Young Living Oils which resonate with each chakra to facilitate amazing results. This is a favorite treatment for those who experience it.

1 Session 60 minutes ~ $75
4 Sessions Pre-Paid  ~ $260

Life Transformation Coaching
Having Transformed my life I now empower others to transform their lives as well. Working with you I equip, guide, encourage, and support you as you transform your life to create the life you choose to live.

  4 Sessions Pre-Paid ~ $240
  8 Sessions Pre-Paid ~ $440
12 Sessions Pre-Paid ~ $600

Reiki (Usui) Therapy
One of the greatest benefits of Reiki is stress reduction and relaxation. Stress is the leading cause of disease and death. Reiki is a non-invasive Common Alternative Medicine Therapy which compliments other modalities.

             1 Session 60 Minutes ~ $60
             4 Sessions Pre-Paid  ~ $200

Reiki (Usui) Training
The Reiki I teach is a seven (7) part course. Students are attuned and trained to four (4) Reiki symbols, Tachyon, and Antahkarana. Each student has one Practitioner Practicum and one Teacher Practicum

Per Level/Practicum ~ $75
All 7 Classes Pre-Paid ~ $500

Shaman Services
Shaman have traditionally offered their services in exchange for donations. When I offer these services I ask that the recipient offer what is laid upon their heart to offer.

There are those who wish to be told what to offer. To those I suggest the following:
$60 per hour of service

Trauma Release Therapy
Trauma Release Therapy was a Divine answer to prayer for assistance in healing emotional trauma. Long after a traumatic event the body stores the trauma in the memory cells. Releasing the trauma allows healing to occur.

             1 Session 60 Minutes ~ $60
4 Sessions Pre-Paid  ~ $200

Trauma Release Therapy Training
Trauma Release Therapy Training is offered to select Reiki Master Graduates. This is a seven (7) class course consisting of training and two practicum sessions.

Per Class/Practicum ~ $75
All 7 Classes Pre-Paid  ~ $500

Whole Wellness Consulting
Whole Wellness Consulting offers education, training and a customized plan for achieving wellness of body, mind, and spirit.

  4 Sessions Pre-Paid ~ $240
  8 Sessions Pre-Paid ~ $440
12 Sessions Pre-Paid ~ $600

Young Living Oils
Aromatherapy, Nutritional Support, Weight Management, Personal Care, Household Cleaners

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