Thursday, September 27, 2012

Health & Wellness Articles Available!

All of the Health & Wellness Articles shared in Inner Child Magazine are now available for you to read or download. 


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life Purpose...What Is It?

Life Purpose..What Is It?

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Sept 22 Radio Show Recap

Empowering Transformation with Regina Ann
with Guest
Kelley Wyskiel, Barefoot Doctor

 We enjoyed a beautiful show with our guest Kelley Wyskiel, Barefoot Doctor. We learned the origins of the Barefoot Doctor as well as the new movement afoot ;)  Kelley shared with us some of the holistic health and wellness modalities she offers from her clinic in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Kelley also shared how the clinic is involved in the community and what her vision is for her practice. We were blessed with call in questions and comments as well.

Missed the show? Click on the link to listen, download or open in iTunes

Other links shared on the show ~

Resonance Healing YouTube Channel

Resonance Healing Blog

Radio Show Group on Facebook

Resonance Healing Facebook Page

Resonance Healing Website

123 Barefoot Clinic

123 Barefoot Clinic on Facebook

Kelley's email or

123 Barefoot Clinic Online Appointment Book

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sept. 15th Radio Show Recap

Empowering Transformation with Regina Ann 
9/15/2012 Radio Show Recap

We had a wonderful Affirmation show Saturday.  Thank you to everyone who was with us live and to everyone who will listen to the archive.  We talked about what affirmations are, how they affirm what we hold as truth, how to empower our affirmations, and how to incorporate them in our daily lives.

Affirmations are simply validating what you believe or desire. One of the most important rules in affirmations is to drop the negatives. The subconscious mind does not do negatives. If your affirmation is, “I will not fail” for example the subconscious mind hears “I will fail.” To empower your affirmation transform the affirmation to “I am successful.”

Several of us shared favorite affirmations and we talked about how we incorporate them in our day. We discussed affirmations that build us up and affirmations that cause harm. We shared a link to the I Am Affirmation on my YouTube channel as well. 

If you missed the show you can listen to it below or on our new website (link below). You can also download the show and listen to it as often as you wish.

Join us next week as we interview one of my amazing Reiki Master Teacher Graduates and Barefoot Doctor, Kelley Wyskiel. Kelley will share with us about being a barefoot doctor and what she offers through her barefoot clinic. We will be live Saturday, September 22, 2012 at Noon EST on Inner Child Radio. Call in to ask questions or offer encouragement (714) 816-4751.

Have a WonderFilled Week 

~*~ Regina Ann


9/15/2012 Show ~ Affirmations

Empowering Transformation with Regina Ann Radio Show Group

Inner Child Directory

Resonance Healing Facebook Page

Resonance Healing Website

The "I AM" Affirmation by Regina :

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Message for Today

Message for Today

For this is what I give you
that you may hold it in your heart
and speak it to those who would hear

Hold love in your heart my dear and peace in your mind
in the days that come chaos grows and many fear
hold love in your heart my dear and peace in your mind
where love and peace are there fear cannot dwell
hold love in your heart my dear and peace in your mind
the time is come for the gathering of the ten thousand lights
shine loves light my dears hold peace in your minds
strength it comes in love my dear
be strong…be love
chaos flees a peaceful mind
hold peace my love
All is All


Gifted me in the night
Regina Ann

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Message for Today

Today’s Message

Do not cling to any thing
but hold all things
in open hands
for it is then
that you express
in its true form
timeless ~ boundless ~ limitless

~*~ Regina Ann

Monday, September 10, 2012

Resonance Healing Services

Facilitating Healing
Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit

Blessed to offer the following services

Chakra Balancing
The Chakra are the energy hubs through which energy flows throughout the body. When a chakra is out of balance or blocked the energy cannot flow as needed for optimal health. Chakra Balancing assists the chakras to balance and release blockages to allow optimal energy flow through the body.
             1 Session 30 Minutes ~ $30
4 Sessions Pre-Paid  ~ $100

Chakra AromaTherapy
Combining Chakra Balancing with Aromatherapy, this treatment utilizes Young Living Oils which resonate with each chakra to facilitate amazing results. This is a favorite treatment for those who experience it.

1 Session 60 minutes ~ $75
4 Sessions Pre-Paid  ~ $260

Life Transformation Coaching
Having Transformed my life I now empower others to transform their lives as well. Working with you I equip, guide, encourage, and support you as you transform your life to create the life you choose to live.

  4 Sessions Pre-Paid ~ $240
  8 Sessions Pre-Paid ~ $440
12 Sessions Pre-Paid ~ $600

Reiki (Usui) Therapy
One of the greatest benefits of Reiki is stress reduction and relaxation. Stress is the leading cause of disease and death. Reiki is a non-invasive Common Alternative Medicine Therapy which compliments other modalities.

             1 Session 60 Minutes ~ $60
             4 Sessions Pre-Paid  ~ $200

Reiki (Usui) Training
The Reiki I teach is a seven (7) part course. Students are attuned and trained to four (4) Reiki symbols, Tachyon, and Antahkarana. Each student has one Practitioner Practicum and one Teacher Practicum

Per Level/Practicum ~ $75
All 7 Classes Pre-Paid ~ $500

Shaman Services
Shaman have traditionally offered their services in exchange for donations. When I offer these services I ask that the recipient offer what is laid upon their heart to offer.

There are those who wish to be told what to offer. To those I suggest the following:
$60 per hour of service

Trauma Release Therapy
Trauma Release Therapy was a Divine answer to prayer for assistance in healing emotional trauma. Long after a traumatic event the body stores the trauma in the memory cells. Releasing the trauma allows healing to occur.

             1 Session 60 Minutes ~ $60
4 Sessions Pre-Paid  ~ $200

Trauma Release Therapy Training
Trauma Release Therapy Training is offered to select Reiki Master Graduates. This is a seven (7) class course consisting of training and two practicum sessions.

Per Class/Practicum ~ $75
All 7 Classes Pre-Paid  ~ $500

Whole Wellness Consulting
Whole Wellness Consulting offers education, training and a customized plan for achieving wellness of body, mind, and spirit.

  4 Sessions Pre-Paid ~ $240
  8 Sessions Pre-Paid ~ $440
12 Sessions Pre-Paid ~ $600

Young Living Oils
Aromatherapy, Nutritional Support, Weight Management, Personal Care, Household Cleaners

Click on the PayPal button on the sidebar to schedule your services or email me at

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sept. 8th Radio Show Recap

Empowering Transformation with Regina Ann Radio Show Recap

Empowerment and Transformation were our topics for the show this week.  We had two special guest callers, Bill Peters and Janet Caldwell, join us.  The beauty of it all is they had been having the conversation of empowering and giving power away. I do love synchronicity!

There were technical difficulties at the onset of the show which resulted in a period of dead air. I found it fascinating that this happened on the day we were covering these topics. Whenever we are faced with challenges we have choices, its what empowerment is all about... recognizing you have choices. We chose to not only carry on but to enjoy a beautiful, empowering and transformative show.

Merrian-Webster defines Empowerment as two words working together. Empower is to give official authority or legal power. Ment is a portion of mental which is defined as: of or relating to the mind; specifically: of or relating to the total emotional and intellectual response of an individual to external reality, occurring or experienced in the mind, relating to spirit or idea as opposed to matter.  

To Transform is to change. Transformation is an act, process, or instance of transforming or being transformed.

By empowering transformation we give authority, power, to experience the processes of change. 

We shared wonderful discussion about what we give away our power to and how we choose to reclaim our power. There were shared stories of success and challenges and the wonder of the transformation process. We talked about not comparing ourselves to others.   We also agreed that it all comes down to love and trust. As we grow to love ourselves and trust ourselves we are empowered and our transformation processes are seen as what they to facilitate our growth in ourselves.

Thank you to everyone who participated, listened, and will listen. A special thank you to my beautiful twin flame co-host and Inner Child Radio. Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of this post. 

Join us next Saturday Noon EST when our topics will be Affirmations. Call in to share your affirmations, how you use affirmations, and what benefits you experience through your affirmations. The call in number is (714) 816-4751. Log in to the show to enjoy the chat room

Links shared on todays show ~

Regina Ann's email:

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sept 1st Radio Show Recap

Empowering Transformation with Regina Ann Radio Show Recap

I want to first of all thank everyone who made the Intro Show such a wonderful place to be.  We had 21 live listeners and 7 live callers! To which Rich asked about the not live callers and listeners because he didn’t want them underrepresented :) LOL!

For those who missed the Intro Show, Rich is my wonderful Twin Flame Soul Mate, Co-Host and My Love.  We laugh a lot and had fun sharing our laughter with our radio show family.

Our first call in was by Joseph from New Jersey. Rich spent some time chatting it up with him in the chat room about New Jersey. (Rich spent some time growing up there.)  Joseph honored us with some thoughts and comments.  We were blessed with the presence of Bill “just bill” Peters and Janet Caldwell of Inner Child Enterprises.  Both called in and spent some time on air with us.

We had questions from some our beautiful people in the chat room about healing and grief.  One question pertained to a person being too afraid to confront a trauma to heal it.  Another question dealt with the grieving process.  We continue to send love and healing to them. 

We had everyone share links in the chat room.  If you have the opportunity, the chat room is the place to be...such a loving place. We always encourage everyone to connect to support and love one another between shows. I will share all the links at the end of this blog so everyone can get connected if you aren’t already.

Next weeks show is all about the show title. We will discuss Empowerment, being Empowered. This will no doubt take us through the process of transitioning from victim to empowered.  The other part of the show will focus on Transformation. What does transformation look like? There are a lot of thoughts on the subject and we look forward to a wonderful discussion about it with you.

The Empowering Transformation with Regina Ann Radio Show airs live each Saturday from Noon to 2 p.m. EST on Blog Talk Radio.

Links shared on the show:

Resonance Healing YouTube ~

Inner Child Site ~ 

Inner Child Magazine ~

Health & Wellness Section ~ - Healing Through Words

My email address:

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I See

I See

i see you
sitting on the curb
traffic blowing by
shirt pulled over
your low hung head
wearing your distress
i see you
your divine spark
the one you’ve forgot
would you receive
could you see what I see
would you believe
we are one
you and me
we and the family
in the dumpster
in the sun
with little ones in their stroller
thinking they deserve no better
were i to show you
you are precious
would you be blessed
or just dismiss it
all of us are family
with the old man
walking down the street
wearing age before your time
using anything
to kill the pain inside
wearing your hatred
of yourself with pride
you are divine
just as I am
though you’ve forgotten
still I see
were I to shine
would you see light
or turn away and hide
these and more i see
and angels comfort leave
praying one day
they will see
all divine are we
one family
precious gifts
are what
I See

~*~ Regina Ann