Monday, July 30, 2012

Tell Me About Yourself

Tell Me About Yourself
by Regina Ann

“Tell me a little about yourself.”  This was the catalyst for a fascinating new introspection. How does one condense into a few words that which would adequately communicate the complexity of the many aspects which comprise the being that I am, that any of us is?  Whereas I typically assess the person posing such a question to determine what aspect of me they are inquiring about, today I allowed my thoughts to go freely to the heart and extract answers containing the core of my truths of who I see as me.  It was a fascinating journey.

As I traveled to the heart of, well, me I considered all the aspects of me that typically arise to the occasion.  There is the personal me, the professional me, the mom and wife me, the “can’t learn enough” me, it was fun to see them all.  On this day however, I felt the need to go deeper, to look farther.  When I came to the heart of how I see me I realized how divinely simple my truth is. I am a divine being inhabiting a human form.  This statement brought peace to my heart that radiated throughout my being.  This was my truth.

It was quite simple and yet I had made it very complex…this question of who I am.  Leading me to the next thought that we humans tend to create unnecessary complexities when, at their core, all things are quite simple.  I grew up with my elders telling me I overcomplicated things.  As I became older, I realized I wasn’t alone in that.  At this place in my journey I am focusing on keeping it simple, all of it.

Those who know me are quite aware of my a.d.d. brain and how it can go 50 directions from one spot in the road.  For those who don’t yet, that was my preface to my next segment.  From the thoughts of who I am and how simple it all is I went to another question which is asked me so very often. “What is my purpose in life?”

Typically this question is being asked of me so that I can tell someone else what their purpose is.  At one point in time I would go into a great discourse on choices and creating the life of your choice, even if it’s not the one you consciously say you want.  The journey to finding my truth of who I am reminded me of the journey to discovering the purpose of life in this existence.  In my opinion we humans tend to overcomplicate the meaning of life and existence and what our purpose is here. I know, I used to do it myself. 

Now when people ask me “what is my purpose or what is the purpose of this life?” my answer is much more simple and applies to every single person.  The purpose of this life, as I understand it, is to have experiences.  It is my understanding that the purpose of these experiences is to allow healing to occur that we may become whole once again as we were created.  Every experience that we have is for this purpose.  Once again, when I arrived at this truth I felt peace in my heart which radiated through all that I am.

Throughout the biggest part of my life, to date, I feared not living up to the expectations of what I am here to be and do.  What sweet freedom to know that in being present for each experience I have lived my purpose.  I no longer look for some great purpose to fulfill and wring my hands anxiously in fear I will miss my purpose.  Each day is lived knowing that as I choose to be present in each moment I fulfill my purpose.

This understanding has also changed the way I view my experiences.  No longer do I look at experiences and events and positive and negative but as opportunities for me to have the experience, heal the wounds, or pay off the debt I have incurred.  In each experience I pray guidance to receive clearly what is mine to create the best possible outcome for myself and all others involved.  I must say at this point that I am blessed with wonderful guides and beautiful loving souls surrounding me to help me, especially when my humanity gets the better of me.

Now that I have shared these thoughts with you my mind goes to purpose yet again.  What is the purpose of such rambling of prose?  With all that I am I pray that somewhere in the midst of it you are blessed in some way.  May you feel a little less awkward, a little less alone, and a lot more encouraged in your journey.  May you always in all ways be blessed.  This is the purpose, that it may be so.

~*~ Regina Ann

Regina Ann is a Usui Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher, Trauma Release Therapy Master Practitioner & Teacher, Transformation Coach, Whole Wellness Coach, Shaman, Published Author & Speaker, Mom to three sons and Twin Flame Soul Mate to Rich Bentz. To learn more see our blog