Thursday, April 12, 2012

Teachable Moments

Teachable Moments

This morning while taking my youngest to school I was presented with one of those precious teachable moments. My son and I noticed during our drive that there was much angry energy all around us. People were driving angry and there was a definite angry energy that everyone was participating in. After multiple people cut us off in traffic I mentioned that everyone seemed to be angry this morning. “On your way,” I said to those around us, “I am having a good morning and don’t wish to participate in your anger.”

My son replied with scenes of retaliation on everyone for their anger. I calmly reminded him that participating in the anger of someone else creates more anger. Teachable moments…I went on to share with him that we each one can create an environment of peace and love when we choose to hold to our own energy and the peace and love we live in. Regardless of the environment we enter into. We each have the power to choose not to participate in the surrounding energy.

Being angry about external energy feeds that energy whereas allowing others to have their experience without participating demonstrates love for both yourself and them. It is your choice and within your power to do so. As you choose your own reactions to external forces you empower yourself. It is a much more pleasant experience to empower yourself than to feel you must be victim to whatever the wind blows your way.

Whether we choose to live in the perception of victim of circumstance or as empowered to create our environment, the choice is ours. I have spent a part of my life in the perception of victim. I choose to live empowered now. Each of us has that choice.

Teachable moments…happen at any given moment that we choose to learn.

~*~ Regina Ann