Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Balancing Sessions Now Available!

Balancing Sessions

Being out of balance is the most common issue I find when working with clients. Imbalance creates dis-harmony within the body causing a myriad of symptoms as a result. The body is designed to be well when in balance and in harmony. Therefore, I offer the Balancing Session. 

The Balancing Session is a 30 minute Balancing Tune-Up. The clients remains fully clothed while essential oils provide relaxing aromatherapy for the senses. Body systems are balanced as are the major chakras. The results are a relaxed, rejuvenated, balanced body system working in harmony.

To schedule your Balancing Session click on the Balancing Session Button to the right and you will be contacted to schedule your appointment. Balancing Sessions may be done in person or over any distance.