Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Living Balanced

Living Balanced
in an Unbalanced World
(a Balanced Series)

Is Life Stressing You Out? We all know balanced living reduces stress and makes life more joy filled but accomplishing balance in an unbalanced world is a struggle.  The Living Balanced Workshops teach you to find balance in your unbalanced world and open yourself to joy and fulfillment.

The Living Balanced Series are one month sessions meeting weekly to equip and train you to achieve balance. Each series focuses on one area to achieve balance in.  Twenty eight consecutive days of anything forms a habit or releases a habit.  The Living Balanced Workshops make use of this fact to move balanced living from a concept to a habit.

The Living Balanced Workshops include sessions on:

[     Balanced Breath
[     Balanced Thought
[     Balanced Energy
[     Balanced Emotion
[     Balanced Connection

Balanced Breath ~ Life is born of Breath. Without breath life ceases. Breath that is balanced offers peace, healing, stability, joy. Furthermore, a highly oxygenated body is a disease killing machine. The Balanced Breath Series teaches you to “mindfully” breathe in balance bringing life sustaining oxygen into the core of your body and releasing the stressors your body holds on to in day to day living. 

Balanced Thought ~ Thought becomes action. What you think is received by your subconscious mind as what you believe, desire, and want to be real.  Out of thought the subconscious mind goes to work to create your reality. Therefore, your thought creates your reality. The Balanced Thought Series teaches you to “mindfully” choose your thoughts, to exchange those thoughts you want to release, and alter new thoughts to achieve harmony between what you say you want and what your thoughts tell your subconscious mind you want. (An example of this might be: you say, “I want a healthy love relationship.” Your thoughts say, “A healthy love relationship will never happen for me because ___ fill in the blank.” You can say you want all day long but until your thoughts are in harmony with what you say you will not achieve balance in creating the reality you say you want.)

Balanced Energy ~ Most of us are familiar with the symbolism of yin and yang – female and male energies. Symbolically these energies are balanced equally creating harmony within the unit.  In reality however, very few people live in balance with their feminine and masculine energies. The Balanced Energy Session teaches you to identify imbalances in the feminine and masculine energies, acknowledge the positive aspects of both, and achieve and maintain harmonious, balanced yin and yang energies.

Balanced Emotion ~ We are, by nature, emotional creatures. We feel, therefore we experience emotion. Many of us learn through training and environment to express or contain emotions in ways that are at best imbalanced and at worst destructive. As a result, we may even feel a victim to our emotions. The Balanced Emotions Session teaches you to reclaim control of your emotions, choose new methods of expressing emotion, and balance your emotion responses.

Balanced Connection ~ We are spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body. Living as spiritual beings in a physical world is challenging to say the least. Our choices and the choices of others along with societal demands and expectations can create a false sense of separation from our spiritual aspect. Through this disconnect we experience imbalance and disharmony. The Balanced Connection Session teaches you how to reconnect to your spiritual aspect, balance your spiritual and physical aspects, and maintain a harmonious balance between who you are spiritually and physically.

Regina Ann is a Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, Trauma Release Therapy Master Practitioner and Teacher, Shaman, Whole Wellness Consultant,
Life Balance Coach, Author, Poet and Public Speaker, Mother to three sons and
Twin Flame Soul Mate to Rich Bentz.

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