Sunday, June 19, 2011

Balancing Meditation

Balancing Meditation

gifted me during meditation

  • Come sitting with legs folded in front. Be certain you are comfortable
  • Breath deeply from the belly
  • Place your hands on you knees, palms up to receive
  • Breath in deeply and release
  • Bring hands together in a prayer at the heart center
  • Open your heart to God, invite God fully into your heart, receive fully
  • take your hands, place them against your forehead between the brows and press them there
  • bring your eyes to that space, go deep within
  • return your hands to a prayer at your heart center
  • hold that space open
  • place your hands on your knees, palm up to receive and say out loud

With my right hand ~ I receive all blessings from Divine Source
I carry them from my right hand to my heart with gratitude
With love my heart sends forth to my left hand all blessings Divine to shine forth on all creation

As it is ~ so shall it every be

~ Sat Nam

~*~ Regina Ann