Saturday, May 14, 2011

What to Expect from Your Reiki Session

What to Expect from Your Reiki Session

Resonance Healing offers silent prayer based Usui Reiki. As you come into the office for your session you will be guided to a private room with relaxation music playing softly. The lights will be dimmed for your relation. Reiki is offered while fully clothed so you need not be concerned with being asked to remove any clothing. You will however, be asked to turn off and place electronic devices on a table in the room as these may interfere with your results.

Once you are comfortably lying on the massage table your practitioner will begin the session. Each session is unique just as each individual is unique; however, here are some common things you may experience.

During the Reiki session you may experience coolness, warmth, tingling or any combination of these. Most clients experience a sense of peace and relaxation during the session. Some experience a burst of energy immediately following the session while others want a nap. Many people fall asleep and rest well during the session.

Every person receiving Reiki needs to increase their intake of pure water for at least the following three (3) days.  Since Reiki unlock blockages within the life force energy (ki) it may serve as a gentle detoxification therefore requiring increased water intake to flush the toxins out of the system.

As the practitioner is guided the session will draw to a close and the practitioner will provide any unique after care information you may need as well as any recommended follow up sessions.