Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Temporal Trauma Release

Temporal Trauma Release
– A Unique Resolution for Trauma Associated Symptoms
We have each experienced traumatic events in our lives. In the moments surrounding a traumatic event our body records and time stamps all the information of the event including associated feelings, sounds, smells, and pain. We may repress the information of the event but the associations of the trauma have been time stamped within our body memory.
As we travel through life similar experiences, a smell, music, a date, or location, which the body associates to that event, can trigger us to relive the event all over again to some degree. In that moment we are living both in the present and reliving the past at the same point in time and the trauma of the event is being expanded to include the new event that triggered the memory. This continual living and reliving of the original trauma results in the body manifesting physical symptoms of the trauma(s) including pain, disease, phobias, allergies, and disorders such as OCD.
 Knowing that we live in the present and relive the past in the same moment is the premise of Temporal Trauma Release. This unique therapy offers the opportunity to release the original trauma and its associations. This in turn allows all related associations from later experiences to be released from the body. Release of the original trauma and it’s associations along with all subsequent associations’ results in freedom from the symptoms connected to them.
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