Thursday, May 5, 2011

Giving ~ Receiving Fully

Giving ~ Receiving Fully

When you do not pray, asking for guidance for discernment for wisdom and all blessings that serve your highest good, you choose to refuse the all your creator wants for you.

When you do not meditate, being still to listen to The Word as it speaks to your heart of all that is for your highest good, you choose to refuse the all your creator wants for you.

In praying you open your heart to give all you are over to your divine love. All your cares, concerns, dreams, desires, thanksgiving, gratitude, all that you are.

In meditating you receive all your divine love has for you. All the guidance, wisdom, discernment, blessings, love, power, essence that is desired for you.

There are many present in this time whose desire is to serve humanity to better the world we live in. In our quest to serve, to give of ourselves, for the benefit of all we must remember to receive first. For in receiving we are equipped to give, in receiving we are empowered to give the highest good. One cannot give of what one has not received.

There are those which would convey the message that this time of giving and receiving, this time of communication with our divine creator, is not necessary for service for life. It is absolutely necessary if your desire is to fully give of divine. For one cannot give of what they have not chosen to receive. It is only through giving self over to divine and receiving divine within self that one may give of divine essence.

You will know them by the fruit they bear, by the truths they live. Be aware that there are those who speak light but do not live it, there are those who perform greatness for their glorification not honoring all as divine gifts. As one asks for and allows the receiving of discernment, knowing truth in all things becomes clearer and more easily recognized.

May it be that you see clearly the results of all choices. As you choose a little, a little is what you have and have to give. As you choose to expand and grow in your divine nature so you will have more divine essence to offer the world and its inhabitants. Understand that just as the choices are yours so is the judgment. For as you choose you receive and therein your judgment be.

~ Sat Nam

Truth is our identity